How We Work With Clients


Alan Stone & Company, LLC provides a full-range of investor relations, research and consulting services to emerging growth oriented, publicly traded companies that are seeking to broaden their investor-base and develop media and analyst exposure in the United States. The Company is in the business of assisting emerging growth oriented publicly traded companies with getting better known within the investment community.

Alan Stone & Company, LLC uses a combination of various means to help emerging companies achieve this objective:

  • Increase the brokerage community awareness of the Company.
  • Add to the number of active retail brokers.
  • Draw the attention of industry research report writers and analysts.
  • Enhance media coverage.
  • Attract institutional interest.
  • Attain greater liquidity.
  • Broaden the Company's shareholder-base.
  • Contact and attract quality market makers.
  • Raise sentiment and response by potential investors.
  • Provide focused investor intelligence.
  • Arrange Roadshows  to enhance visibility.
  • Ensure the Company's Stock price better reflects performance and future potential.

The strategy starts with the preparation of a corporate profile or research report for the client company. Subsequently, a direct mail, email and fax campaign is designed and set in motion shortly thereafter. We distribute the profile or research report to ASC contacts via our website, fax, email and traditional mail. The result is that a large number of investors are quickly made aware of the client company's results, potential and future direction.

Concurrently, we launch an active phone campaign to personally highlight the essential and attractive features of the client company to the firmís proprietary database of  key brokers, institutions, investment banking firms and investors whom Alan Stone & Company, LLC targets. The result is that a large number of investors are quickly made aware of the client company's potential and goals.

ASC has developed a proprietary database comprised of a significant network of stockbrokers, fund managers, brokerage firms and other investment professionals. We carefully select those institutions, brokers, and analysts likely to be most interested in the client company. Importantly, our firm arranges meetings between management and selected brokerage firms, analysts,  money managers and accredited investment professionals in leading cities including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Beverly Hills, New York, Dallas, Denver, Boston, Miami and selected European Capital Markets.

On a regular and dedicated basis, Alan Stone & Company, LLC distributes to investment professionals:

  • News releases on the client company.
  • Any research reports written on the client company by Wall Street analysts, and newsletter editors.
  • Summary financial data every quarter.
  • Up-to-date profile developments,  company and industry wide activities each quarter.

Alan Stone & Company, LLC assists client companies in the writings of press releases, quarterly stockholder reports, and annual reports when requested. Our firm can often arrange professional printing and graphic design at prices which are lower than those frequently obtained directly by companies. Corporate videos and slide presentations can also be obtained at economical prices at the company's request.

Our network of investment professionals help spread the news of the client company's achievements and expectations quickly and efficiently to thousands of potential investors and/or investment advisors.

Additionally, Alan Stone & Company, LLC can help emerging companies list on more active trading markets.  OTC Bulletin Board to NASDAQ Small Cap, and then to NASDAQ National Market System or Regular Listing on the AMEX or NYSE.

ASC can help clients develop an effective investor results campaign using state of the art internet resources and obtaining enhanced media coverage using the power of the internet.

ASCís communications campaigns and investor intelligence activities are geared primarily towards  emerging growth and middle-market companies. Working through established sources of contacts and an extensive network within the investment community - attained from relationships that have ensued over twenty years Ė our firm is a formidable link to the Capital Markets and Wall Street.