Investor Relations


Many publicly traded companies have more than doubled or tripled the market value of their stock, and greatly enhanced trading volume within a short period after becoming a client of Alan Stone & Company, LLC.

Our Investor Relations services assist emerging public companies:

Develop thorough and effective FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS, including Annual and Quarterly Reports, Shareholder Letters, Financial Supplements, Corporate Profiles, Visual Aids, and others.

Arrange leading ANALYST COVERAGE through RESEARCH REPORTS prepared by experienced CFAs who are well regarded in the Wall Street and institutional communities.

Write attention getting PRESS RELEASES and disseminate NEWS over the wire system to Dow Jones and Reuters.

Set up ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS with investment firms, brokers and analysts, and investor luncheon presentations in various cities around the country.

Obtain MEDIA ATTENTION from National and Regional newspapers, radio and television stations, financial magazines, stock-market newsletters, and electronic news wires.

INCREASE STOCK MARKET VALUES through identification of and presentation to large contact base, including brokers, analysts, and money managers in major East and West Coast cities.

Add to the number of ACTIVE BROKERS, procure INSTITUTIONAL INTEREST and attract and attract and attract QUALITY MARKET MAKERS.

Obtain GREATER LIQUIDITY by expanding the shareholder base.

ATTAIN LISTING on NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, or other regional exchanges.

IDENTIFY ISSUES discouraging investors from investing in the company.

MEASURE RESULTS of the communication program through toll-free phone numbers, surveys, response cards, electronic communication (e.g., e-mail), and other effective measurement tools.