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Alan Stone & Company, LLC Provides Extensive Expertise in Investor Relations, Investor Communications, Investor Intelligence and Equity Research for Publicly Traded Firms Seeking Contacts in the Investment Arena.

Public companies seeking to implement effective growth strategies have a wide variety of financial tools available, from asset-based financing and public offerings to mergers and acquisitions. Often forgotten as a necessary and effective component of a fundamentally sound growth strategy is the targeted application of Investor Relations.

At its root, Investor Relations is necessary to fulfill management's fiduciary responsibility to inform current and future shareholders of corporate endeavors. We believe it can have a much more profound effect on a company's operations.

By developing and implementing a financial communications program that offers consistent and detailed messages, investors can gauge the financial and operational status of a company and better determine the company's future direction. This results in increased or stabilized P/E ratios or enhanced market capitalizations. In turn, the company can best leverage its equity base as a tool to achieve various investment banking transactions, such as obtaining financing or completing an acquisition.

A well-structured Investor Relations program complements both short-term and long-term business objectives. The investment community wants to know that a company has a plan to meet its stated objectives. Stocks can rise in anticipation of such objectives but, remember, management must back up its words.

We specialize in both Investor Relations and Consulting. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to help emerging public companies communicate their "words" in a very effective manner and to back them up by seizing any targets of opportunities' that arise, such as joint-ventures and acquisitions, that can enhance the company's earnings.

Our management team combines extensive expertise in Investor Relations, Corporate Communications, Equity Valuation, and Investor Intelligence. In addition to many successful Investor Relations campaigns, we have helped many middle-market "emerging growth" companies implement equity research report coverage that expose undervalution during our shareholder communications campaigns.

By communicating a company's business strategies combined with research coverage to our proprietary contact lists, we have arranged numerous successful roadshows and campaigns that achieve enhanced investor consciousness of our clients.  Moreover, we have supplied many client companies with investment professionals that stick around for the long run.

ASC has relationships with several internet firms (vendors) that can supplement our program with enhanced investor relations via the internet.  These programs also include enhanced internet media coverage of key client announcements and supplement our normal ongoing activities.

Finally, after completing due diligence regarding a client's Investor Relations objectives, we also may provide a Shuttle Service to the Capital Markets through networking Senior Management with leading investment firms across America. Based on our successful roadshows and campaign record, a relationship between us and our clients invariably leads to the client achieving its goals on Wall Street.





Program Highlights

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Our Investor Relations and Investment Communications services are designed to enhance corporate development and broaden public awareness of emerging growth-oriented publicly traded companies.

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The firm's Investor Intelligence product supplies intelligence gathering for companies seeking professionals targeting undervalued and niche industries.

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Our management team has existing relationships with a significant network of stockbrokers, fund managers, brokerage firms and other investment professionals. These relationships stem from many years of transactional experience, combined with a proven record of integrity and effectiveness.

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Through our extensive contacts with leading investment firms, we attract extensive research coverage on behalf of our corporate clients. We have also established an excellent record of developing media coverage in leading newspapers and stock market newsletters.

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Our extensive knowledge of equity valuation combined with  investment analysis enables us to design, structure, and market significant investor relation campaigns. 

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Our management team has successfully represented numerous "emerging growth" companies, including many diverse NASDAQ, AMEX  and OTC:BB listed public companies.

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Most clients have significantly increased their market valuation or obtained capital commitments within a short time of engaging our firm. Our reputation in the investment community is considered outstanding.

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Our use of the internet is effective with many clients in enhancing shareholder value.