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Investor Relations for Emerging Growth Companies

Alan Stone & Company, LLC (ASC) is a top ranked  investor communications, research, consulting, and investor relations firm which specializes in developing investor awareness, making professional introductions to the investment community, and enhancing stock market values for emerging growth companies. We have successfully represented many public companies in a wide variety of business sectors. As a result of our extensive contacts and  strong relationships within the investment community, our client's have greatly expanded their positioning with institutional investors, brokerage firms, market makers, analysts, and investors. ASCís comprehensive investor relations services to corporate clients is an effective means for achieving a successful investor communications program, developing analyst research, and improved results in the Capital Markets and Wall Street.

ASCís focus on aggressively communicating our clientís achievements and corporate strategies - supported by our internal research and implemented in a targeted manner - establishes a positive sentiment from Wall Street professionals. Working through established markets within an extensive network of investors (which derive from relationships that have ensued from a twenty five year career on  Wall Street) the firm is a formidable link to the Capital Markets and a wide variety of investment firms interested in emerging publicly traded companies. Our extensive network of contacts plus our research capabilities enables us to achieve success on behalf of our clients. These skills, together with our wide range of relationships, creativity, and persistence have resulted in numerous emerging growth clients successfully enhancing shareholder value. 

Our focus on research separates our firm from most of the competition.  ASC assists clients in arranging top quality research report coverage by widely respected Wall Street Analysts.

ASC also arranges Roadshows and one-on-one meetings between management and selected firms, money managers and analysts in key cities throughout the country.

Alan Stone & Company, LLC is headquartered in Westwood, California. Our firm serves its clients through a team of professionals who provide state-of-the-art services and products, with distinctive capabilities to help them capitalize on opportunities worldwide.  Contact Us to learn more.

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